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State-Registered Chiropodist and Podiatrist
Member of The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists
HPC - Health Professional Council Registered


Orthotics are insoles especially tailored for your feet worn in everyday footwear.


They are used to restore the alignment of our feet to their neutral position.  Mal-alignment causes compensatory movements such as knock knees, flat or inward rolling feet.  These movements de-stabilise the feet putting strain on joints, muscles, tendons of the leg, foot, knees and even the back causing pain and damage.

Wearing an orthotic reduces the strain on the foot correcting malalignment thereby reducing the pain and discomfort of the lower leg and foot preventing further damage.


* Caused by a virus
*  Picked up by direct contact especially in warm, moist environments such as swimming pools and changing rooms.
*   Treat immediately using products available in Chemists
*   If verrucae persist seek professional help
*   Podiatrists have a range of strong chemicals from which to choose including caustics and cryosurgery ( Freezing using liquid nitrogen)
*   Verrucae can be difficult to resolve if left untreated for too long and can become resistant to treatment.


When the side of the toenail becomes embedded in the skin as it grows it can weep, bleed, become inflamed and can easily become infected.  Usually this can be corrected by good, professional nail cutting.  However, if the condition persists, nail surgery may be necessary, whereby the affected part of  the nail is removed (Partial or total nail avulsion).

For this simple but effective procedure: